Modem not connecting to 4g

I got my new modem card (original needed to be RMA’d) and when I set it up it went to 3G, even with a booster. I tried forcing it to 4G and after initializing it said No Network.

My init string is ATZE0&D0&C1+IFC=0,0;+CSCS=“GSM”

Isn’t GSM not 4G? Is that part of the issue?

Also, I noticed that when I force it to 4G Max it says “Verizon No Network!” despite the fact that it’s not a Verizon modem or SIM card. This happens even if I manually set the operator to AT&T.

Edit: Looking at my original screenshot, it seems that on Automatic it says ATT and on ATT it says Verizon.

At one point I refreshed the page while the modem was working on the connection (sometime around step 28 and the Operator Selection changed from ATT to “310410” It changed itself back eventually

Frequently when trying to change the operator, I select a new option and it immediately changes itself back before I have time to hit the update button. Maybe it happens when the modem signal level or status updates?

Hello Tom,

  1. 4g is more formally known as LTE and falls under the GSM standards. With 4g is just the part of the nomenclature carriers use. In regards to why your are not connecting with the modem, are you sure the Sim card being used is configured for 4g? We have seen some cases with similar connection issues where the simcard was not configured correctly.

  2. I am not sure why it would show Verizon. The NA card could potentially connect to some Verizon towers when looking for a network to connect to. Are you sure the APN is correct? This is what is used to connect to a network. does not look like a typical APN for AT&T.

  3. 310410 would be the Home Network Identifier used by AT&T. It looks like during this part of the modem initialization the identifier was not changed to show the name yet. For ATT the MCC (Mobile Country Code) = 310 and MNC or Mobile Network Code = 410 combined they are the Home Network Identity or HNI

I recommend double checking the sim card and the configuration being used with it. The card might not have the correct plan or you might be using an incorrect APN.

  1. Got it. I’m confirming with Telit that my SIM will work with 4G. They’ve said it should in the past but perhaps they were mistaken. Our online portal does not differentiate between 4G and 3G data plans because they’re supposed to be shared/the same. i.e. any card can be on 4G or 3G and the data pool is the same for both.

  2. is the APN Telit has always had us use for ATT cards.

  3. Got it.

I’ll follow up with Telit to triple check that the SIM is 4G compatible.

Turns out that despite Telit assuring me that my SIM card will work on 4G, it was NOT set up to do so. I re-sent them the ICCID and they waved their magic wands and now it’s working on 4G.

Sorry for all the trouble.


Good to hear it was a simple fix.

Have a great week!