Modify EDS

First time using Anybus, sorry if this is a silly question.

I have a system integrator who is using an anybus coupler to communicate between my AB PLC, and their Siemens PLC. (Profinet to Ethernet)
They sent me an EDS file, but that EDS has 16 Bytes (SINT[16]) of information, but they also told me we are sending 46 Bytes in-out.
How can I change the EDS, or the ethernet Module (ABCxxxx 1.007) to have more Bytes, or should I just make a Generic Ethernet Module with the right amount of information.


Hi Dan,

The data sizes in the EDS file are just the defaults. You shouldn’t have to change the EDS file. You should be able to set the data size in the PLC whether using the EDS or the Generic Ethernet Module.