More detailed M2Web api description

Hi all,

by the many examples/code snippets, which are available here in the forum on the topic, it is shown what the M2Web API offers in possibilities.

An example is the updating/writing of a tag value.
In this example, a tag value can be changed by using UpdateTagForm.
For UpdateTagForm there is a note in the reference guide only in the last chapter 6, but no example or anything else
Unfortunately I have not found a link that could describe this.

I can imagine that the API offers a lot of possibilities, but these - except for the “standard” - are not described in the reference guide.
Is it possible to update the guide or to structure the API-related calls/queries a bit more clearly, e.g. on the website, so that you can get to your destination easily and quickly.

I find this API very successful and use it at the moment to create a program for our service department to query maintenance intervals faster.

For more information on special web forms, please refer to the Web Reference Guide. However, some of the most powerful features use the BASIC language with the M2Web API, as in this example:

The Programming Reference Guide lists the BASIC Keywords and Commands.

For extracting data, you may also want to check out the DMWeb API and Export Block Descriptors.

OK …
I didn’t know the information was so dispersed and i think I’m definitely going ahead with this.

Thanks for the quick help.

Yes it is, I apologize about that. There are a lot of ways to do things. If you run into any issues or have any questions, please let me know.