MQTT connect failure


After a power fail in the factory, the eWON is not able to connect through MQTT with our broker (AWS). When rerunning the basic script i’m getting the message: operation failed: “MQTT connect”

Before the power failure it was running without any issues.

The IT department told me the port 1883 or 8883 are stillen open. I’m also still able to setup a VPN connection to the eWON with eCatcher. So there is still VPN and a WAN connection. There is also still a connection with the PLC, and values are coming in.
The eWON is connect over the company network with the internet.

If I look into the event logs of the eWON, I get the following message: stdios-device TCP connect failed socket.
I’m running firmware version 14.1S0 on this eWON.

I don’t really know where to start looking. I hoop you can help me with this matter.

Thank you.

Hi @Dewy,

To start with it might be worth upgrading to firmware 14.3 to see if that fixes the issues that you’re running into. If that doesn’t work can you grab a backup.tar file of the device from eBuddy with the support files included and send those over to me?


Hi Tim,

I’ve updated the firmware version, but I still got the MQTT failure.

Can you find anything in the support files?

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Anything in the real time logs? They would show the step by step of the mqtt connection since the logging is turned on.

Do you have feedback for mee? Our client is out of operation.

Hi Ted,
The realtime logs show the following steps when I re-run the basic-id script:

I can’t really find anything that I can related the MQTT issue with. Do you have any advice?

Can you check the basics?

When does the CA.crt expire and is it still on the device?

Is the device still setup on the IOT Hub?

Hi @Tim_hms,

The eWON is sending the MQTT message again and is working as it should be.
In the end we found out that there were no more security certificates and bas file in the usr folder of the eWON Flexy 205. After putting back those files the eWON was working properly again.

That brings me to the next question, is it possible that after a power loss the eWON somehow deletes these files from the devices?

The CA.crt files where indeed not anymore in the usr file of the ewon. How they got removed from the device is still unclear to me.

Hi @Dewy,

Sorry for the delay, it’s been pretty busy the last few days with meetings and calls. The Ewon should not be deleting any files on its own, but if this happens again please let me know and I’ll report this to the dev team.

Are you doing any deleting in your scripting sections by any chance?


We delete the “+ timezone_offset%” on line 159 of the script. But this doesnt have anything to do with this issue i think?

That shouldn’t be an issue if you’re not deleting files

Hi @Dewy,

I’m going to close this ticket out for now, but if it happens again you can still comment on this ticket. Please let me know if you run into the same issue again.