MQTT Connection Error


We are trying to connect a communication from Flexy to AWS IOT Core but having an error ([ERROR] Operation failed (28) 56 : Mqtt “Connect”) every time. Using Policy_1 in both Flexy and IOT core. Please advise on where to investigate

Hi @vvandrangi,

We are going to need you to make a backup of the Ewon using eBuddy and check “Include Support Files” so we can check the settings and logs, in order to diagnose this problem. Also, if you can provide logs from the AWS instance, that would be helpful. Thank you.

Hi Kyle,

Please find attached. I don’t think we have logged anything in AWS yet as the MQTT connect is failing


Are you sure that the BASIC script is running? I’m not seeing any MQTT activity at all in the Realtime Logs. Select Run > Autorun in order to have the script running at boot.

Where are you seeing this error?

As soon as i select Autorun, I see this error Operation failed (28) 91: Mqtt “Connect” and MQTT AWS - WAN interface not yet ready and all output is Dont publish and Not connected (2)

I would recommend testing your script by connecting to our broker (Ewon MQTT Broker).

Also, I would recommend testing your AWS setup by connecting to it with another MQTT client.

That should get you pointing in the right direction towards the problem.