MTBF Figures

I was looking for the MTBF figures for the NT-420 Series CAN Bridge but can’t seem to find it on the provided data sheets. Can you provide me with this information?

Hi Wbruni,

To make sure we’re answering the right question, are you looking for information on the mean time between failures for the NT 420 CAN bridge?


Yes. I am looking for that model and the CAN-CR200 CAN Repeater mean time between failures as well. Thank you.

Hi Wbruni,

The MTBF values we have calculated for the CAN-CR200, the CAN-CR220, the CAN@net NT, and the CANbridge NT are listed below.

The MTBF calculated for CAN-CR200:

Temp. MTBF hrs
20°C: 734 644h
30°C: 696 395h
40°C: 648 397h
50°C: 589 873h

The MTBF calculated for CAN-CR220:

Temp. MTBF hrs
20°C: 895 629h
30°C: 845 100h
40°C: 784 747h
50°C: 714 937h

The MTBF calculated for the CAN@net NT and CANbridge NT:

Temp. MTBF hrs MTBF yrs
20°C: 2 053 000h 234,3 years
30°C: 1 472 000h 168,0 years
40°C: 1 022 000h 116,6 years
50°C: 689 600h 78,7 years
70°C: 294 300h 33,6 years