MTCP Red light blinking on HMS-EN2MB-R


I currently have an Anybus HMS-EN2MB-R and I have transaction error i.e. if I try to do transaction monitor it shows error for all I/O data. Also, the data tags associated with the device don’t seem to be receiving data to them.



Hi @krarjun94,

Are you are following the Step by Step guide?

Can you send the configuration or screen shots? What are you trying to connect to on the Modbus network?




PFA my configuration. It’s based off information from pg46 of the attached PDF. On the Modbus side we have an Chromalox Heat trace panel.

IM-PK497.pdf (9.25 MB)



It looks like the issue is errors in the modbus commands. Keep in mind that those registers are 2 bytes and the Range column is just the range of the actual data value that will be in the registers. Try adding one command at a time so you will know which one is causing the problem. If yhou are still having issues we can with you on Monday.



Would the errors in the modbus commands cause all of the data to be errored out? As you can see, there are a number of transactions in the image above and all of them are shown to be in error. Another question is, should the modbus registers be accessed in any particular order? Because I have accessed “input registers” “holding” registers before “holding” registers and some of the holding registers I have tried to read aren’t in order- for example, “Enable_Disable” registers are address bit 1009 and I have tried to read them after “Auto_Manual” whose address bits are 1081.


Yes, I’m not sure if they are all wrong but one error can cause the others to error as well. That’s why I recommend testing it after you add each command. The modbus registers do not need to be accessed in any particular order by rule. I’m not sure what you mean by:

Can you clarify that a little?