Multiple IP Address on LAN

Is there a way, or future plans, to allow different LAN address on any of the Flexy products, with remote access to any of these IP Addresses?

i.e. Lan Port 1 =, Lan Port 2 =, Lan 3 =

The Ewon’s LAN ports act as an unmanaged switch, offering connections to one subnet. It is possible to allow a wider range of addresses through a different subnet mask (for example, would put all of your addresses in the same range), but all ports will still use the same subnet, and connected devices must also use the same subnet mask. I am not aware of any plans to change this at this time.

I have the same issue. We have two different PLCs with two different IPs. Can I connect them on the same EWON?


Hi AakshPat,

For IPs in those ranges you’ll probably need to either update the settings of one PLC to match the other, or use a NAT device to translate a PLC’s IP into one on the same subnet as the other.

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