My Cosy 131 Talk2M configuration failed

Hi, there! My Cosy 131 Talk2M configuration failed, the information said system exec error, when I click the error link, and it will guide me to troubleshoot page, but I don’t have idea which topic I should check. I use my laptop, have wifi, I also use cable to connect to Cosy 131 one LAN port. The internet cable connect to Cosy 131 WAN port, but just can not pass the Talk2M configuration, anyone has idea? What’s the problem? Thanks for your help.

The system exec error can caused by trying to register an Ewon that is already linked to a Talk2M account. Can you provide the device’s serial number?

Hi, hugh, the serial number is moved to staff note. Thanks

We do see that this Ewon is already registered to an account. You will need to use eCatcher to log in to the account it was tied to previously, then select the Ewon, go to properties, and then click Delete at the top. At this point, the registration will be cleared and you can run the Talk2M Wizard with the activation key from the new account.

Hi, Hugh, thank you so much for your help, will do it try my lucky, and thanks for the information you provide, apricate it.

Hi, Hugh, I delete Ewon account from eCatcher, and my boss set me as admin now, so he said I should be ok, but it is the same error showed up at the Talk2M configuration, I connected my laptop to Cosy 131, and WAN to internet. LAN to PLC. now what is the problem? Please help me, thanks.

Hi, Hugh, I need to change the activity key, it is different, now finally Ewon online, thanks a lot!

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