NAT - Cosy 131 - New user

I am interested in setting up inbound NAT 1:1 feature.
I have found articles and the following PDF.

My issue is - I am new to the Cosy and HMS products. I currently have the Cosy 131 setup and configured with Talk2M / eCatcher (v6.6.4). The PDF and other articles show a direct login to the device. I do not know the adm password and the default is not working. The device is controllable by the Talk2M / eCatcher.

I suspect, this is an user error on my part and I need someone to assist me.

Is there a support phone number I can call to get some assistance on this?

Hi Kevin,

That would be the local login which is separate from your Talk2m login. It is needed for making configuration changes to the device. If teh login is fogotten you will bee to perform a user or factory reset. That can be found in section 6.2

As for the NAT 1:1 we can give a device on the LAN a mapped WAN IP. We are not able to give a device on the WAN network a mapped LAN IP.

No changes were made to the device after Talk2M adopted it.

Question #1: If I need the local login and must factory reset - then will this disrupt my current access to the device via Talk2M?

Question #2: Can the “NAT 1:1 - give a device on the LAN a mapped WAN IP” feature you are suggesting be done via Talk2M ?

For your first question.

If you end up needing to perform a factory reset you will need to setup the Ewon again before it can be accessed through talk2m. So you will have to set the LAN, run the internet wizard again, and run the talk2m/vpn wizard again with the activation key so the Ewon know what account it is tied to.

For your second question.

If you are remote and using the Talk2m connection you can setup NAT 1:1. If you are using eCatcher, when you connect, you should see the Ewon name in the activate connection is blue. That is a hyperlink to the Ewon configuration page login. This will still require the Ewons local username and password to access.

Question #1 from above: I was able to reset the user without wiping all of the config.
I followed thee instructions from Section 6.2.1 of this doc.

Next up - NAT 1:1 config.
I’ll update my progress.

Thank you for the help thus far.