Natltf keeps reverting back to 0 after changeing to 2



I am trying to access the internet behind a cosy 131. I change the 3 required settings and then reboot. after rebooting the Natitf setting keeps reverting back to 0.



In the COM cfg make sure your after you change NatItf to 2 and FwrdToWAN to 1 that you press save at the top of the page before leaving to reboot. it is also possible your browser cache is holding onto old data so if you have firefox you can try doing this in incognito mode.



I am pressing save after each change

Could it have anything to do with poor internet connection over the modem





Did you restore a backup to this eWON by any chance?

Please make sure that RTEnIpFwrd in the comcfg.txt is set to 1.



The RTEnIpFwrd was set to 0

Is there any reason for this

I have never had this issue before



Hi @tdwsn,

I have seen it happen very rarely when restoring a backup from another device. I think I have only seen it happen twice before so I’m not 100% sure the restore is causing it. Did it fix the issue?

Can you provide a backup (using eBuddy with Support files) so that we can investigate?

Any history of the device, like if it was restored from a backup, firmware upgrades, etc., that you can include would also be helpful.

Thank you,