Need at least 800 bytes of input data

I’m currently working with an AB7007 to convert RS232 data to Ethernet/IP. The data represents a graph, with at most 400 datapoints. Each datapoint is 2 bytes, so we need to extract around 800 bytes of information per query. This is over the 512 byte input memory limit provided by the AB7007.

Does HMS have any similar Anybus modules with a larger input buffer size? Possibly a 1024 byte or 2048 byte input array?

This would be a questions for @us_sales so I’ve CC’d them.

I would recommend taking a look at the Anybus Edge in the meantime.

Hi @dsciarrino,

My name is Nolan and I am an Inside Sales Engineer at HMS. I would be happy to discuss your application with you further and determine if any of our other solutions could work. Can you reach out to us at or 312-829-0601?

I would reach out to you directly but, unfortunately, I am unable to find your contact information in this support system.