Need Help with Anybus Gateway to Powerflex Drive


Hi there,

I am trying to connect my HMS-EN2SE-R Gateway to a Powerflex 40 Drive using Modbus via the DSI port on the drive. I am getting LED 5 red all the time. I have tried switching the wires.
I’ve attached (hopefully!) the cfg and log file, plus the connection diagram I am using to connect to the Powerflex. I assume I should be connecting to pins 8 & 9 on the D connector at the Gateway?

Thanks for your help

log.txt (36.7 KB)
AopConfiguration.cfg (16.0 KB)



I can tell from the log you provided that you are not getting responses from the Modbus RTU slave device. These are really the only possible things that could cause this kind of issue,

-You are trying to query the wrong node. In this case you will want to double check that you have the right node selected in your configuration file. In your case this is 1 (from the log)

-There is an issue with the wiring on the serial bus. You should be correct about the wiring, but I would refer to the following table.

-There is an issue with the subnetwork serial settings (baud rate, parity, stop bits and data bits).