Netbiter Argos -- send email notification without triggering an alarm?

Is it possible to configure my Netbiter Argos to send me an email notification if a certain condition occurs, but avoid having that condition trigger a true alarm? I don’t want the system to shut down under this condition, which is what an alarm is triggering.

I have the alarm severity set to “warning” and I’ve tried changing the triggers and values (eg equals 0, equals 1, etc) but somehow they all end up alarming and shutting the system down.

Thank you!

The High Level should only send a warning but not shut the system down. The High Limit sends the alarm and shuts the systems down. The Netbiter device does not have the ability to functionally shut the system down. From the way it is described, the PLC shuts the system down when ever their is an alarm gets raised. I would check the PLC programming to verify if it can distinguish between the warning and critical. If it can, you can set the warning to keep the system active.

The Netbiter device is functioning as it should with monitoring the signals and raising the appropriate alarms.

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Thank you!