NetBiter EC350 SIM Support - Verizon Wireless

Just deployed a number of Verizon 4G sims out to my techs to replace the old NetBiter SIMS from HMS that have been retired and have had no luck in getting them to send out data.

I can send SMS and have the units receive them. I can also, strangely, install the old SIM card, power off, replace with new verizon card, power on and have a 5 minute window where I can see the system as online, only to lose it again.

Any help?

The netbiter is not supported by the Verizon network. The modem on the Netbiter is GSM 3g with support for 3G/UMTS (WCDMA/FDD): 800/850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz

In the united states you should be able to use AT&T or T-Mobile for main operators.

Do any of your devices support Verizon?

Our company has a big contract with Verizon that makes our operations quite more cost effective compared to other data plans.

We purchased the NetBiters under the premise that the HMS SIMs would remain in operation and not have to purchase the sometimes exorbitant data access plans for only a couple hundred MB of data.

What HMS sim cards did you have? In the US we offer netbiter sims though AT&T at a yearly rate.

We currently only offer device with GSM modems but we do have a 4g modem in the works for ewon devices.

I just got off the phone with my IT group who are strongly recommending that I now upgrade devices as they say AT&T will be retiring that network configuration well within the product life cycle of the NetBiters.

Should I be moving to an ewon device?

There is no plan for the 3g networks to be shut down at this time and we expect 3g to remain available for the lifecycle of the Netbiters. Most phones still rely on 3g to make phone calls only using 4g/LTE for data traffic.

As for transitioning over to ewon we do not have any release dates available yet for when the 4g models will be available. I am anticipating that they will be announced in the coming months as the have been actively working with carriers for approval.

Thank you for setting my mind at ease!

However, I thought HMS halted the support of their SIM cards? Or perhaps that was through another channel of getting them. Whats the best way to get SIMs purchased in the US?

We were using telenor cards and that has been discontinued from Headquarters. Here is the US we are an AT&T reseller and offer sim cards with plans designed to work with the Netbiter.

You can purchase these cards though a distributor. You should be able to identify your distributor using the tool located at the bottom of the page on the following link.

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