Netbiter EC360 Modbus RTU Setup?

Hi All,

Can someone help me to setup a Modbus RTU (RS485) device to communicate to the Netbiter EC360?

Should the Netbiter unit act as a Modbus RTU Master or Modbus RTU Slave ?

I need to connect to a device that runs as Modbus RTU Master (RS485) at 9600 bps 8 EVEN 1 and Netbiter Unit will have to be at slave address 1.

And How does the Tag addressing work in Netbiter ?
If my PLC has a Holding Register at 400005, in the Argos Profile Parameters do we set the address for the tag as 400005 or simply 5?

Appreciate any helpful responses.


Hi @Nare_Prathipati,

The Netbiter is a Modbus Master so you’ll need to set it up so that they have corresponding Baud rates and connection info. As for that modbus register that you’re referencing that appears to be the unofficial version of Modbus. Typically it should look like this:


But I think you should be able to do this by saying read holding register 5 for your example.


Here’s the connection points for the 485 connection

Hi @Tim_hms ,
Thanks for your response.
I am about to test it asap.

But how do we delete a Template that we no longer use/require?

Let me know

Hi @Tim_hms ,

Just tried the above steps.
I don’t see any data coming form the RTU slave device.
The status on Netbiter shows 20 timeout and 7 exceptions.

Please advice

Hi Nare,

To delete a template, you need to delete everything in the template first and then you should be able to remove it.

Are you sure that all of the configuration info including slave address/baud rate are correct?

Hi @Tim_hms,
Thanks for your response. The process of deleting/removing a template worked well.

So yes, here a little bit more into how the system is used and how its configured.

Siemens Profinet PLC -> Netbiter EC360 (Remote Access - TIA Portal)
This setup works fine and no issues connecting to the tunnel or configuring other devices in the same cell.

Renu HMI 3043TN (see link below for web link) COM 2 as MODBUS RTU SLAVE UNIT (RS485) -> Netbiter EC360 at RS485 port as MODBUS RTU MASTER UNIT.
This is where we’re having an issue.
Since the Netbiter unit does not support Profinet Interface, we had to use this Plant Monitoring Screen to interface as this HMI has built in drivers for S7-1500 Profinet PLC connected on the ethernet port and Netbiter unit connected as Modbus RTU Master.

Plant Monitoring Unit Modbus RTU settings,
Station/Node ID : 1
Baud: 9600bps
8 EVEN 1
No Delay

Netbiter Side Settings, (Enabled RS485 connections on gateway configuration page)
Slave ID: 1
No delay
8 EVEN 1

Is this setup not recommended?
Please advice.


That sounds like it makes sense to me, could we try and use this 3rd party modbus scanner to see if there’s an issue on the netbiter side or the device it’s trying to connect to?

This is a free software that Chipkin makes that we use for tests like this. Unless your computer has a serial port on it, you’ll need a usb to serial adapter though.

When you first start it, right click on the white box area and add the connection along with the connection info


Then add a device with the correct slave address


Then you can choose to either read or write as an example


Then for the last part, click on the register you want to read/write to and click the poll button and let me know if your device responds

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Hi @Tim_hms,
Thanks for the response.

Can you please recommend a hardware that we could use to setup Plant Production view ?
Since the Net biter does not support Profinet interface so we’re kinda on the downside as we can’t access information from the Siemens Profinet PLC to the Netbiter EC360 and present it on the Argos Portal.

Can we add a Siemens Point to Point Hardware that does Ethernet and connect to the Netbiter Unit on LAN port for both Remote Access and Plant Production View?

Please advice?

Hello @Nare_Prathipati,

Tim is on vacation but looking over this it looks like your goal is to pull data off of a siemens PLC via profinet. Is access via Argos required? You could do this with our EWON Flexy. It has the same remote access as the netbiter but also has the ability to read data from all the major plc’s.

To stick with the Netbiter you could use an X-gateway. An AB7650 would be an Profinet io device to modbus TCP. The PLC would write the data to the gateway then the netbiter would read the data from the modbus side.

Our sales team can provide further info. You can reach them by email @ or 312-829-0601


Hi @deryck_hms,
Thanks for your response.

Yes the goal is to keep the existing Netbiter Unit for Remote Access for Maintenance.

And add on another module between the Siemens ET200SP (S7-1500) Safety Profinet PLC and the Netbiter unit to poll production data onto the Argos Portal so the clients higher management can view the production counts and get SMS and E-MAILS in regards to the counts to the registered user.

Please let me know if this could be done by integrating AB8650 onto the current setup?


Hello @Nare_Prathipati ,

The PLC would write data the the profinet side of the gateway and then you would configure the Netbiter to read the data off via modbus TCP registers. I recommend reaching out to your distributor for further info.