Netbiter having constant oscillation of connection and disconnection

We have a netbiter that is constantly dropping connection and reconnecting. We confirmed connection at our shop prior to deployment but noticed once onsite that it started behaving like this. Other devices connected to the network seem to be steady and are remaining online. The client’s onsite IT can ping this device and they believe everything to be working with an unrestricted connection on their end. Just curious if there is anything else we should be looking at to resolve this one. Any help is appreciated and thank you!

Can you provide the System/ID of the device I would like to take a look at the account and review the device.

This could just be a issue with the graph. Besides the graph showing the Netbiter going on and offline are there any issues with the device?


We looked into this further and checked all physical network connection and tested cables. We even swapped out the Netbiter for another one that worked correctly at our shop. The second Netbiter is doing the same thing. Talking with the IT onsite they say they never loose ping to this device and they report having no restrictions on their network/internet for this device. Nework reports a 3ms ping and 853 Mbps Down / 845 Mbps Down. ISP is Xfinity.

It definitely is loosing communication with the server because we get kicked offline after a 5 to 10 minutes most of the time while connected via Quickconnect. Trying to Sync Configuration or Update the firmware also time out.

Our current online netbiter System ID 003011FADBDC .

The original netbiter System ID 003011FD1236. We took this one offline on Aug 11

Can I switch the device over to data management mode to take a close look at the devices status parameters?

@deryck_hms feel free to log in and and do whatever you need to do.

Thanks Scott,

It seems like this device is having issues talking to our servers. I wonder if the the Network connection is very slow or some of the servers we need access to are being blocked. It seem to be at least getting a heart beat out ever once and a while but possibly no data which would explain the online status.

Can you check with the IT department providing internet access and make sure we have access to the host names in the following doc.


@deryck_hms The onsite IT is saying these ports are all open but I’ll pass this on to them again. Its what my conclusion was as well.

Is there are way for them to test like a ping or verify connection with these servers outside of the Netbiter?

There really isnt a way to test them other then a netbiter making a connection. Perhaps they can get a wireshark showing the Netbiter making its outgoing connection.

Can you access the Netbiter from either the LAN or USB port and download the logs from the device? This might give me a better idea on what is getting blocked. Netbiter Local Access - #2 by deryck_hms

@deryck_hms The onsite IT team said they gave us a new Cat6, we power cycled the Netbiter and then everything starting working correctly. There old cable the swapped out was tested and was functional, not 100% sure what happened here but it working! I appreciated your help.

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Glad you were able to get it resolved. Old and damaged cables issues are hard to track down.