Netbiter Servers Offline?

Came into work today and my team tried to connect to remote Netbiters through QuickConnect and the login just hangs then fails to establish a tunnel. loads but when we try to sync or update Firmware these also just hang and fail. This is happening on any Netbiter account we try across all our computers and other networks we have tried. We have been troubleshooting on our end for a couple hours but it looks like this is a Netbiter server issue. We notice on the Netbiter status for each account it looks like these devices all got knocked offline around 7:00am EST. When should we be expecting this service to be back up?


We had an incident today starting at bout 09:38 CEST resulting in that you could not read live data or send commands to Netbiters.

The service that sends commands from Argos to Netbiters lost connections and would not reconnect.

This incident has now been resolved.

We have analyzed the cause and added stories to our backlog to be able to detect this problem earlier and thus prevent it from occurring again.