Netbiter TAP Adapter #2 does not exist

I have used netbiters for a while but since I installed OpenVPN and uninstalled it I can no longer ping my various LAN devices while connected.

I think its because I no longer have a Tap Windows Adapter v9 #2, I only have ‘Tap Windows Adapter v9’

Usually its the case that you have to rename TAP-Windows Adapter V9 #2 to QuickConnect Network Bridge, but because I dont have a #v2 I cannot do this

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing quick connect.


You can use the addtap.bat script in this folder to add another TAP adapter to Windows. Make sure to name it correctly, as you mentioned. (61.4 KB)

These same files should be in your OpenVPN directory already.

I can connect OK but I can not ping on the LAN side.

It works on other laptops…

Any ideas?

There are a number of different reasons this could be happening. Please try the steps in this troubleshooting document: Unable to Connect to LAN Device