Netbiter User Accounts

I need to set up a Netbiter for our end user. Can I create a temporary user to do this?

Will I be able to de-activate the Netbiter Argos user account I create so I can load the templates a create a dash board prior to shipping to our cutomer?


You need a Netbiter to activate an account. Once the account is active you could remove the Netbiter and the account will still be accessible.

If you are looking to take a template and set up a dashboard I would recommend setting up a profile. If you do it in your own Manage and Analyses account you will not need to go thought he hassle of setting up an account for your customer. A profile allows you to take a template and create parameters and the dashboard then publish the dashboard. When a profile is published it gives you a link that can be shared allowing the profile to be imported into other accounts.


Hello Deryck,

Does the Templates and Dashbords get linked to the Netbiter device?

So if I activate the Netbiter under my account, add the Profile and then de-activate the Netbiter on my account would the dashboard and template be saved to that device?



The profile and template will stay with the account it is added to even after deleting the device.

If you set up parameters and a dashboard on the device directly then remove the device you will lose the configuration. The template will remain in the account.


Can you explain how to publish a profile?


You can find instruction on page 96 of the user manual.