New Flexy Tag Generator - Import tags from PLC software into your Flexy

New Flexy Tag Generator

There’s a new tool available on the Ewon Support Tools website! The Flexy Tag Generator streamlines the process of setting up tags by letting you import a file of registers/variables/tags for your Siemens, Omron, Rockwell Automation, or Mitsubishi Electric PLC, then export a tag file for your Flexy.

Supported Systems

The Flexy Tag Generator currently allows importing tags from:

  • Siemens Step 7
  • Siemens TIA Portal
  • Omron CX Programmer
  • Omron Sysmac Studio
  • Rockwell Automation RS Logix 500
  • Rockwell Automation Logix Designer
  • Mitsubishi MELSOFT

Tutorial Videos

The Flexy Tag Generator includes a tutorial at the top showing the complete process from importing data from your PLC’s software to transferring the newly generated tag file into your Flexy. It also shows how to obtain the file from each supported PLC software package and, under step 3, includes another tutorial video on transferring the tag file into your Flexy using FTP.

Preview and Make Adjustments

After importing the data from your software, the Flexy Tag Generator will display a preview. Each field can be edited at this stage, for example to update a tag’s name or add a description.

Importing into Flexy

Once all of your tags are as you want them, you can press Export to CSV to export an Ewon-readable CSV file containing all of the tags. Connect to your Flexy using an FTP client of your choice, then transfer var_lst.csv to your Flexy, refresh the Tags page, and all of your newly imported tags will appear.

Try the Flexy Tag Generator today!


Hi, thank you for this tool. i gave it a try today (trying to import a global DB from one of my TIA portal 17 projects…). unfortunately i could not get a preview of the CSV file. after opening the exported csv file it tuned to be empty. any help would be great.

Thank you.