No Ambient Temperature Reading from Fujitsu A/C


I’m using an IntesisBox INWMPFGL001R000 to interface my Fujitsu Halcyon ASU9RLF1 mini split air conditioner to my Control4 home automation system. However - I don’t seem to be getting an ambient temperature reading. The AMBTEMP value in the WMP-CONFIG program is reading -32768 - the initialization value for this variable.

I have the IntesisBox connected directly to the air conditioner with no wired external remote present. Is there any way to get an ambient temperature reading from the air conditioner itself or is a wired external remote required to obtain that reading?

Thanks in advance for your help!


This may depend on the AC. Do you know if the Mini split has a built in Ambient temperature? If the wall controller is working correctly other wire but not providing us with the ambient a wall controller may be needed to read the ambient temperature.