No CAN trasmitted

Using 2 CAN@net NT 200. set to CAN-Eth-CAN Bridge with 2 Devices both loaded from same file. 120 ohm at each end. then a 4 inch pigtail to the CAN@net NT 200 device. a device (Master) at one end is broadcasting CAN messages and the CAN light is lit on that device. at the other device (Slave) I just use a Kvaser to read trace from laptop. No CAN light on the 2nd device, No messages received.
using a Y connection verified CAN messages are beign sent in to devices.
Ethernet lights blinking on both. if I swap which end I connect laptop to the condition reveres i.e. Slave now broadcasting CAN light lit, but master has no CAN light lit. connecting via Ethernet or usb all says fine no errors. Any help is appreciated. I only have the 2 devices so I cant swap for hardware check.

It sounds like the issue is with the Kvaser, or something that is happening when it’s hooked up, because the CAN light is not coming on, which means there is no CAN communication. Do you have a way of testing the Kvaser, or do you have another USB-to-CAN device you can try?

Is there an actual CAN slave or is the laptop simulating the slave? Is the voltage correct on that bus? Please send a photo or diagram if you have one.

Only used kavasar to try and see data. When I have it hooked pc to battery emulator I get the same results. If both ends are connected can 1 light is on both but no can traffic and my program tells me that “no can messages received “. If
it was recieving with errors the program would at least say can up can down

Both look the same
David Lynch

Can you share your CAN-Gateway Configurator configuration file (.cxml)?

Can you please give more details of what is attached to each bus and the voltage on each bus? Please send a photo or diagram of the whole project if possible.