No data from CANopen node

I am trying to use CM module to communicate with Delta ASDA-A2 servo through CANopen.
Current situation is, that I have configured PDO map in configurator and loaded it to CM (based on standard EDS file Cia 401). I have configured PLC and use RDREC and WRREC blocks also used in demo file. I have set the parameters of ASDA-A2 according to the Delta CANopen manual. All the LED’s are green (CM operational). Don’t get any errors in any system component. Errors appear when I disconnect one of the servo communication cables (so the communication is working). I can read the status of nodes with block “Get nodes and network status”. But I can’t get any data in to or out of the servo drives. What am I missing here?
Thanks to all the participants in advance.

I have routed your case to the local HMS office so that they can work closer with you on this issue. You should receive an email and can follow your case at: