No IXXAT Controllers

Hi there,

This is Ronald. I have purchased a product from IXXAT which is “simplyCAN” but after installing everything from the latest version I get errors when I opened the CANAnalyzer3 mini saying “No IXXAT Controllers”. Is there a way I can sort this out? i have attached some screenshots for reference.

I am using a CAN base vehicle charger and I need to configure via USB-CAN converter.

Hi @RB_2gt,

The simplyCAN is not the same as the USB-to-CAN products. It uses different software and does not support the VCI drivers.

Please see the Product Download page to get the documentation and software.

Here is a comparison of simplyCAN and USB-to-CAN:

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for your reply on this.
But can I still use it to upload/download the config file, right?

However, I was able to get comms activity between my charger and a simplyCAN using third party interface. But the problem now I am facing is, my Charger is a VCI based as you were saying that simplyCAN does not support the VCI.

Is there a way that I can activate the CAN communication while connected in my charger and upload/download the config file? Right now, I am using the bus monitor app (inlcuded in the downloaded file) in which I am able to get link activity.

I have attached screenshots for your reference.

thanks and I appreciate your support Kyle

It looks to me like your application requires the VCI driver. I’m not very familiar with simplyCAN, but if you create a case at, your local IXXAT experts can help you with it more than I can.

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the feedback. I will try to raise a case with Ixxat.


You’re welcome.