Not able to open CAN dongle



I cannot connect to a CANopen Master simulator (Packing slip 019920). I’m getting the message “Unable to open CAN dongle.” (Running Window 7 32bit)

From manual:

This requires you to have CCM installed on your computer: 8
Copy the file PCAN_USB.dll from
“C:\Program Files\port\ccm\bin\” to “C:\Program Files\HMS\CANopen Master Simulator”.

I found the following link from the forum but it does not have any file name CCM. 10
I downloaded and installed “Anybus Configuration Manager - Communicator CAN” with no success.

Also, the USB dongle say “DeviceNet Master Simulator Article: 018410” but the box it came in says “Article: 19920”.


Here is the link to download CCM. Please unzip and install: