Not able to open CAN dongle



I cannot connect to a CANopen Master simulator (Packing slip 019920). I’m getting the message “Unable to open CAN dongle.” (Running Window 7 32bit)

From manual:

This requires you to have CCM installed on your computer: 8
Copy the file PCAN_USB.dll from
“C:\Program Files\port\ccm\bin\” to “C:\Program Files\HMS\CANopen Master Simulator”.

I found the following link from the forum but it does not have any file name CCM. 10
I downloaded and installed “Anybus Configuration Manager - Communicator CAN” with no success.

Also, the USB dongle say “DeviceNet Master Simulator Article: 018410” but the box it came in says “Article: 19920”.


Here is the link to download CCM. Please unzip and install:


Can you please email me the download link for CCM. I have a new PC and I cannot find the file. Thanks.






Are you looking for Anybus Configuration Manager for CAN? You should be able to use the following link.



I’m trying to get the CANopen Master Simulator working. But I’m getting a message saying “Unable to open CAN dongle!”. Looking at the troubleshooting guide it says to install CCM using the link. The link is broken and I don’t know what “CCM” is. Does “CCM” stand for “Anybus Configuration Manager for CAN”? I installed “Anybus Configuration Manager for CAN” and I still get the message “Unable to open CAN dongle!” on the CANopen Master Simulator. I also verified that PCAN_USB.dll is in the folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\HMS\CANopen Master Simulator”. Can you please provide me with some assistance?


Hello Thomas,

I am reaching out to some colleagues who have more experience with the Master simulator to ask them to take a look at this issue. I will follow up with some suggestions once I hear back.



You should be able to download CCM at the following link,

I was also able to find a copy of the DLL for you to try. PCAN_USB2.dll (81 KB)
Give this file a try and let me know whether or not it works.