Not able to ping or connect to devices attached to Ewon

Apparently it was working a week ago, but the customer made some changes and added internet connections and we have been unable to reconnect to the PLC since.
Please let me know any further info you need to help me with this.

PS I am very new to this system so Thank You in advance for your patience.

Hi Don,

Are you able to ping the LAN IP address of the eWON ( You mentioned the customer had mad some changes. Did they move any connection from the ewon to the PLC or change IP addresses?

Yes I can ping the

Just can’t see anything past there. The whole machine is 192.168.1.***.

So since you can ping the Ewon’s LAN IP we know your making communication throuhgt he VPN tunnel with that side of the device fine. Is there someone onsite that can connect to an open ethernet port on the ewon and see if they can reach the PLC? All teh ports with a green light on the Ewon would be under the 192.168.1 subnet and it would act like a switch. Do you knwo if there was a device installed between the Ewon and PLC or if there were network changes?

Can you tell me if this setting below would be correct? My boss was onsite just after they made the changes and said that Disable VPN was checked off. He had to select “Establish outgoing VPN to server just to be able to see the Ewon.

Yes, setting outgoing VPN is correct.

There was nothing added in between that we know of.

If you can create a backup on the ewon from ebuddy with support files included i could try and take a look at the event log. Since your still able to create a VPN connection and Ping the ewon it looks like theer may have been some type of change on the ewon’s LAN network.

We don’t have any there to help. My boss was able to see everything when he was there connected directly.
I will make the backup and send to you.


Backup attached.

Hi Don,

Are they trying to forward the connection to the WAN side of the Ewon outside of the VPN tunnel? I am noticing in the backup NatItf is not set at 3. That is located in Setup>storage> Edit COM cfg. with out this set as 3 They will need to change the PLC’s default gateway to be the eWON’s LAN IP address.

Good Morning Zach,

I was able to change the NatItf to 3, then rebooted the Ewon.

Are there other settings I need to adjust?

Still unable to see the plc and connected items.

I just reviewed the backup again and settings wise I am not seeing something that would prevent the communication. Is there someone onsite today that can check that the ewon is reaching those devices? Since you are establishing a VPN tunnel it is looking more like it is not having access on the LAN side.

Nobody there.

I will try to get down there next week. When I do, would I be able to contact you by phone and have you walk me through things?


Are number would be +1 312 829 0601 and choosing option 2. Either I will answer or one of my coworkers then can transfer you to me. We are open from 8 am to 5 pm Eastern so anytime between then I would be able to help.

Perfect thank you very much and have a great weekend

Please let me know when you are available again, the unit is reset.

Hi Don,

Sorry this messaged was missed. Is the device still not able to be connected to?

Everything is good.
No problems since we spoke last.


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