Not all of my eWON tags are importing to ViewON


I have 83 eWON tags but when I import the tags into ViewON I only have the option to select from ~65 tags. I have tried importing several times (no errors) but the missing tags do not show up within ViewON.

Hello Adrian,

I will look into this issue.

What version of ViewON are you using?

Hi Kevin,

I realized my problem. I was not using the correct value type (boolean) when attempting to add the tag.

However, I am running into a new issue. My boolean values do not seem to update after o:0/15. For example:

I have a tag that is reading O:06/12 but whenever I change the value to 1 it does not update. There is not red heart next to the tag so It seems as though the connection is fine.

Thank you,

@Kevin_hms my apologies on the delay. I am new to using this forum. Should I create a new post for my output tags not reading?

Correction O:6/12 and more are not reading**

Ok… So I did a little digging and figured out what I was doing wrong. The Output syntax is different for the micrologix.

Handy reference guide:

I still find it a little confusing but I am able to get the values as expected.

Hello Adrian

I am glad you were able to resolve the issue.