NTP acting odd

I currently have a Cosy+ on firmware 21.2s7 (#202) set up as an NTP relay (NTPRelayEnable is set to 1). However, when I tell my PLC to use the Cosy as it’s NTP server, the time is 4 hours off. This seems to be regardless of any timezone settings in either the Cosy or the PLC. Any insight?

Hi @KLarramore,

All computers use UTC and it’s up to the local system to convert that to the local time zone. Therefore, I believe this is due to the time zone in the PLC.

Ok thanks. Follow-up question:

Does the eWON automatically compensate for DST or is there some manual setting that I can’t seem to find? Or is that also up to the local device?

NTP is based on UTC which does not have a daylight savings time period. The clients are solely responsible for updates due to DST.

The Ewon updates for DST based on the time zone selected.