Ntp clock update info in Event Log, issue?

Hi Team!
i have a question about the NTP Synchro and the infos saved in the Event Log.
here the scenario:
In the Clock Setup page i have selected the “Update clock via NTP”;
If i switch to “Manually” and i change the time, in the Event log i have a line that notify me about the old time and the new time, like this:
main-Real Time Clock (GMT/UTC) updated (from: Fri Jan 10 08:53:07 2020 to: Fri Jan 10 08:13:00 2020)

But, if now i switch from “Manually” to “Update clock via NTP”, in the Event Log the old time and the updated time are the same:
main-Real Time Clock (GMT/UTC) updated (from: Fri Jan 10 08:54:50 2020 to: Fri Jan 10 08:54:50 2020)

probably this is an issue?

I don’t understand what the problem is. Is the time correct or not?

yes the ewon time is correct after the ntp sync, but in the EventLog the “before sync” and the “after sync” time are the same;

Gotcha. That appears to be a glitch and I’ll let the eWON team know. Thanks for making us aware!

I received an email from mysupport.hms.se that inform me that the case has been closed.

I did inform the eWON engineers that it appears that the NTP service updates the clock before it posts the event to the event log. This causes the event to appear like the clock was already correct and did not need to be updated when in fact it was changed. I will create a new case and let them know that you’d like to be updated on this.