ODBC Access into eSync

I’m utilizing OSISoft PI Data Archive as the permanent storage of our data. they have a connector built in that access MySQL databases (RDBM). I uses the MySQL ODBC data source configuration tool to authenticate into the esync database.

Opening the windows ODBC /32bit tool, it shows two database:

Bothe have a username of: “eSyncServices” and a password (looks like 8 characters). if I test connection, they both connect just fine. I can’t find that password anywhere. Its not any of the ones I’ve seemingly used. I tried using a different user account defined as an administrator in esync, but that doesn’t work either.

can you direct me on what that password is / how to recover it / how to reset it? I need it to be able to connect and pull that data out of esync into a permanent holding database.


So, as i’m not a patient person, if found the answer if anyone wants to know. It was buried in a bat file in the eSync directory (where installed). eSyncInstall.bat had it.

access is made by:

Username: eSyncServices
password: eSyncPwd

Happy programming!

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