OPC UA client in flexy 205

Dear Expert ,
In my projects i’m using flexy 205 to get data from AI, DI and send to OPC UA sever .
Is have any document to config flexy as opc UA client ?
Thanks for your help .


Here is the documentation for configuring the Flexy as an OPCUA client.

Thansk you so much .
But in this document just read/write data from opc ua sever .
In my project Flexy 205 need to send data to OPC UA sever as cycle timer or on change in data(use Analog in put in card external ) .Is this can config ?Or have any code jave like in mqtt .

We don’t have any code specifically for what you are asking. However, you can check our developer page and the example of MQTT at the post below:

MQTT Example

Developer JAVA

Developer BASIC

You can define the DI and AI as tags in the device and use them to forward that infomration to the OPCUA server.