OPC-UA server access from WAN

I need to connect to the OPC-UA server from the WAN port on a Flexy 201 + 3101.
My machines has an internal network, that are configured with the same IP addresses in all machines.
I’m using the Flexy as a firewall to be able to connect all my machines to a machine network, and I want to use the WAN port to access the OPC-UA server in each Flexy in each machine…
According to the documentation, turning the OPC-UA server on should expose the OPC-UA server to all interfaces, including the WAN port, but I can’t establish a connection…
Are there any additional configuration apart from configuring an IP address on the WAN port I need to do to be able to connect to the OPC-UA server from the WAN port?


You should just need to use the WAN IP of the eWON and it should work.
Are you getting any sort of error?

I have used UAexpert to connect to the OPC server, and it works when I connect to the LAN, but not when I connect to the WAN…


Did you run through the internet wizard to configure your WAN connection on the eWON device?
If so, are you able to see the WAN IP on your network?

A screenshot of your OPC-UA client (UAexpert) settings, and the OPC-UA server settings in the eWON would also be helpful here.

Yes, I did run through the wizard, and the WAN IP is visible in my network.
The switch has the Flexy MAC address registered on the right port and VLAN, and I can ping the Flexy.
I’m going to do a factory reset today, and reconfigure the Flexy from scratch.
I had an old eWON 2005 before, and I did a restore of the 2005 config to the Flexy, and everything looked good, but there might be some old thrash left in the config that is causing the error…
I was initially worried my machine supplier had some config in the 2005 that I needed to get over to the Flexy, but as it turns out, the only thing they had configured additionally was a outgoing VPN, and I can input the VPN config manually…

Now it’s working!
I have formatted my partitions and erased the config, completed the internet wizard and configured the OPC server, and now it works.
Could my problems connecting to the OPC-server on the WAN interface been caused by the VPN configuration?

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Thanks for the update.

I wouldn’t say the VPN configuration but definitely the WAN (internet wizard) could have an affect here.

I believe starting from scratch definitely helped as the configuration may have been atypical due to the restoration of a backup from the 2005CD.