OPC-UA Server LAN Connection Fails via WAN OPC-UA Client

I have an application that requires access to an OPC-UA Server that is located on a different network via router(Static-IP LAN/WAN). I would like to replace the router with device that is cOPompatible with OPC-UA server connections.
Currently, I have Siemens PLC S7-1500 on the Profinet/LAN side of the router and the Host/Client Tag Server on the WAN side with a different static The WAN IP is unable to connect to the OPC-Server via the router. Siemens indicates the cause of this is because:
"This connection attempt fails with the error message …This means that either the source IP (“Source NAT”) or the destination IP (“Destination NAT”) of a packet is replaced by an IP address configured in the router (depending on the destination port). The client and server know nothing of this process. "

Does HMS have router or gateway that can remedy this problem?

Hi @oreillej2899,

Yes, as I understand the question, the Ewon Flexy will work, because it is a router and can connect to both networks. It can connect to the OPC UA Server on one network interface, and the PLC on the other network interface, and exchange data between the 2.

Do you have a network diagram so I can confirm this?

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