Opcua client setup issues,

I did the setup I O for OPCUA but the client server is not able to get traffic and not be able to pull out tags from OPCUA. and its showing OPCUA server not available.

Hello, In your setup is the ewon the OPCUA Client or server?

Can you reach both the ewon lan and the other OPC device over the LAN network?

If the ewon is the OPCUA client, I have often seen the OPCUA IO Server not fully setup, where the url is not completly typed in correctly. Make sure you have opc.tcp://<the server IP address>:<the port typically 4840>

You should also be able to check the event logs for errors regarding the connection. This should help point you in the right direction.

Hello Dereck Thank we try doing the similar steps for the setup, also connected the PLC to Flexy and trusted the certificate but the server was still not getting ready. it was showing OPCUA server not ready.

. it will be great if you give me some insights or is it possible for any technician to connect with our Flexy and PLC remotely, your help will be highly appreciated.

If you are in the Americas you can reach out to us over our support like at +1 312-829-0601 From there I can take a look over teamviewer.

Have you check the Even logs for errors regarding the OPC connection? It should point you in the right direction regarding why it is not connecting.


Hello Deryck Thank you for your response, yes we are in America and associated to CST timing, when is it possible for your team to logon with team viewer.

I am available for the next hour

Hours 8-5 ET

Thank you, can I get to know your availability tomorrow?

Our office is open 8-5 ET Monday - Friday.

Hello Derek can we connect today around 10.00 AM EST?

Hi @KaranB,

Sorry I am just seeing this now were you able to call in and get assistance?


Hey Deryck I caught with something else, I believe we have to shift it tomorrow 08/20/2021. Sounds good for you?

If you would like you can also upload a backup with support files here for me to review.


Hello Deryck please check my back up file for reference.

Hi Karan,

it looks like this is only a backup but no support files. I don’t see anything wrong with the configuration it self but a backup might provide me with errors.

A third option if you are not able to call in, would be to have you create a user in your account and let me login myself. This is obviously a little less secure.


Hello Deryck we can setup a Team viewer call, so you can assist me, feel free to reach me out at

Hi Karen,

I will plan on calling you around 10 ET tomorrow.

Okay I will be there thank you.

Hello Good Morning Deryck, should I connect my Laptop to the Flexy?

Yes we will want to be able to access the flexy.