OPCUA Server Not Ready


I’m encountering issues with connecting to a local OPCUA Server. I am using an Ewon Flexy 205 as the OPC UA Client. On the OPCUA Server side, I do not have any security policies in place, as this is a test environment. I was wondering if there are any firewall changes that need to be made.

It does seem like a connection problem between Ewon and the OPCUA Server.

  • Is there a firewall between the Ewon and OPCUA Server?
  • Is the OPCUA Server connected to the Flexy on the LAN or WAN interface?
  • What type of OPCUA Server is this? Have you tested it with another client?
  • Are you using just the IP address of the OPCUA Server, a domain name, or is there a path in the Flexy’s settings? Can you share a screenshot of the settings?

Hey Kyle,

I am locally connecting my PC to the ewon, there are windows defender securities in place.

The OPCUA Server is a demo server hosted locally on my PC on the LAN. Yes, I have tested it will another OPC UA client with no issues, although the client was tested locally on my PC as well.

I am using the IP address of the OPCUA server. Can you provide some more details regarding “path in the Flexy’s settings”.

This is the path I am asking about:

Can you share a screenshot of this page?

Hi Kyle,

I resolved my issue. Turns out it had to open up a port on windows defender as I had my simulated opc ua server running in a windows environment.


Hi @jchen,

Thanks for the update!