Operating relay output on a timetable

Is there a way to operate the relay output through a timetable that is configured on the netbiter website?

We have a timetable function in a PLC program, but to change the times the program needs to be amended; it would be much better if out clients could activate, deactivate, and amend these times through their own dashboard.


When you refer to the Netbiter Website, do you mean the device’s web page where you configure the Netbiter unit? If you are referring to the main web page of the unit, then no.

If you are referring to Argos, you can set the relay on and off within the parameters page. You can also also utilize the visualization tool in Argos for set the relay parameter. As for amending the time table to the unit? That may not be possible.

I am referring to the project tab on netbiter.net, where you can see the individual dashboards

we can use the control buttons to activate an input within our program, you have said we can use these controls to activate the relay on the netbiter unit instead so that is good, but we may not be able to control the relay through a timetable?