OSX support for USB-to-CAN FD Compact Dongles


we have plenty of Ixxat USB-to-CAN FD Compact dongles. Some of the developers are using MacOS on an apple silicon 2nd generation and I was wondering if there is any possibility to use the Ixxat dongles too with MacOS.

I’ve actually never had this question, so I’m not sure, I would have to check with the IXXAT engineers. It may be possible with the ECI driver or socketcan. Is there a certain software you are trying to work with or are you planning to develop software?

Although we don’t have any specific drivers for MacOS, the Beta VCI V4.0.987.0 for ARM successfully runs on Windows 11 VM (Parallels) on the Apple M1 MAC.

If you want to contact the IXXAT developers directly, you can use our online support tool at support.hms-networks.com.