Paired Devices

On the Bolt’s management webpage, under the Bluetooth section; what is the set of criteria that allows the Bolt as a NAP to qualify a connected client to be listed in the paired list? Devices such as an Apple iphone, a Windows laptop using BT PANU service connection always show up on the list. However, I have embedded devices that uses a software BT Stack that is establishing a BNEP connection without issues, but is not making it to the list.


Hi @derekwoo,

I’m not exactly sure why it’s not showing up, but I will look into it to see if there is some type of criteria.

If you don’t mind, can you tell me what Software stack those devices are using for the BNEP connection? I’ve recently been trying to get some cell phones to use BNEP with the Bolt, but the only one that seems to work so far is the Google Pixel. This is due to the default BT implementation by the phone’s OEM, so I’ve been looking for an app that might help facilitate the connection.




Did you get any feedback with respect to the population criteria of the paired devices?

With regards to the software stack, we are using a solution from BlueKitchen GmBh

With regards using cell phones to connect to Bolt, I have successfully used an iPhone 6s to connect to Bolt where the wired Ethernet end of the bridge has a connection to a internet router. The iPhone is able to access the network transparent
via a BNEP connection.


Hi Derek, sorry for the delay, I’ve been waiting on a colleague to get back to me and he has some additional questions about the devices. Do you have any other details you could give me about the ones that aren’t showing up? Like OEM, OS version, stack version, etc.?

Thanks for the info on the iPhone, I don’t think I’ve tested that version yet. It was just using the native BT settings without any additional software?

Hi Derek,

Do you have any other details you could give me about the devices that aren’t showing up? Like OEM, OS version, version of the stack, etc.?




It may be related to ATS2006