"PC ran to problem, needs to restart Error" stopped because of vci4109w5.sys

Hi, I am using IXXAT usb to can device to communicate with a system, we have installed vci 4 drivers. But randomly i get this error where the PC runs into problem and needs to restart. As it happens random, it is hard to diagnose the cause. The file it giving error on is vci4109w5.sys. I have updated my drivers to current vci v4. But it is giving same error. Please help. Thanks in advance.

What software are you using when you get this error? What version?

Is the error a Windows or program error? Do you have a screen shot?

Can you please provide:

  1. logs from the program
  2. Windows version, VCI versions installed, USB-to-CAN device model and serial number
  3. History of issue (just installed? been in use for how long? etc.)

I do have a screenshot. attached below. It is windows error.


  1. I dont have any particular logs from program.
  2. Windows 10, VCI Version: vci-4_0_848_0, USB to CAN device model: V2 1.01.0281.12001 V1.3.
  3. Installed for a week, the issue is happening random.

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