PLC Communication lot when new PLC program is downloaded to the PLC

I’ve never run into this with any of our other Flexy’s, but with this latest flexy when a change is made to the PLC program, the Flexy loses communication with the PLC and the tags stop updating. The status/quality column has the red exclamation mark in it. The IO Server is DF1, and if I click Init on the IO Server DF1 page, it starts communicating again. I don’t remember ever having to do that with any of our other Flexys.
This Flexy was upgraded to firmware 14.7, but since it has a Verizon modem, I was instructed to downgrade it to 14.6 with a new file that support provided.

When this happens, are there any errors being reported in the event logs? Can you attach a backup with support files so we can take a look at the logs and configuration?

Does this happen with any change to the PLC program? If you download an identical program to the PLC, does the Flexy still lose its connection?

Yes, the error logs shows these errors for each of my tags:
pccc-The Request was refused by the server (B9:5 Status: 240-27)
stdios-Protocol Error reading Tag (DF1 - Tag_Name - Polling disabled for this tag)

This occurs anytime a program is pushed to the PLC. It does clear up after our code eventually forces the flexy to reboot, but then a reboot “fixes” a lot of things.

I’ll open a ticket with the backup file attached.

Tim, I vaguely remember seeing this before. Check the IO server and see if there is a setting about ignoring the initial values.

Hey Ted. I should have updated this thread after working with support. You are correct, it has to do with the Disable Tags in Error setting, but that is the cause, not the solution. For a brief moment, the Flexy can’t poll the PLC so it disables the tags. They eventually recover. I’m just impatient.