PLC vs OPC-UA datatypes

I read a bunch of values from a Siemens S7-300 PLC and present the data using Flexy OPC-UA.
The PLC has a value for total number produced, and it is a double word (double double byte).
Is the datatype DWORD in Flexy OPC-UA equivalent to this datatype, or is it an integer I need to use?
There are a number of values that has PLC datatype word (double byte) that I read using Flexy OPC-UA datatype integer, but the value is wrong. My supplier tells me that I need to use Int16 or short to be able to read the value correctly. Do you know what datatype in Flexy OPC-UA I can use?


A DWORD data type is a double word which is a 32 bit unsigned unit of data.
If you are trying to read a 16 bit unit of data then I would use Integer or Automatic.


We also have modifiers you may need to use depending if the value is signed or unsigned.

Sorry for the late reply, but thank you!