Polling physical adresses from Schneider PLC




I saw a topic talking about physical input (and output) adresses and I would like to know if there is an update about this issue :

For example, I have no problem to poll data from my Schneider PLC when it is an internal adress in my PLC.
However I don’t know how to poll a physical adress (like %I.0.7.15 which means : Input, rack 0, I/O card 7, input 15 of this I/O card).

In the topic I saw, someone of your company said that this is just not possible to do this because of PLC’s limitation. But this is quite annoying because I would have to add hundreds of LADDER command to duplicate my physical adress in internal adress.

Is there something new about this issue ?



Hello @Franck,

We haven’t had any updated to the schneider PLC IO server. If your are running into the same limitation accessing the data from your plc. You would still need to map the data over to modbus registers to access them.



Hello Deryck,

Yes you are write, I will have to map variable of my PLC with eWON’s Tags.

Thank’s for your help.