Port Forwarding on an eFive 25

We have some alarm software coming from a SCADA system that requires two TCP ports (59112 & 11171) to be opened for communication but I am not understanding the setup in the eFive for the Port Forwarding.

Why can I specify a “Source port” but then in the next section I am required to pick a specific “service” that pertains to a totally different port? Am I missing something here?

There are 2 ports because one is the port on the Flexy (source) and the other is the port on the device. If it’s a web server you are trying to forward to, http port 80, for example.

Sorry but that’s not really any more clear - also it’s an eFive 25 but I’ve never used a Flexy so I don’t know how familiar the interfaces are.

I can provide the “source port” of 59112 but what am I supposed to choose for the “default services” on both the external and internal? None of them apply to this and as previously mentioned - it seems like that is instructing it to use another port. Also how do I declare that it should be for TCP only?

What protocol is being forwarded for this alarm? (i.e. HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, etc.)

I’m not really sure as the only information provided is just specific TCP port 59112 and TCP port 11171 - and not really any discussion on the protocol. Maybe HTTP for 59112 but I don’t really know.

This would be the documentation I am referring to:

I have tried setting the source port to 59112 and then using HTTP (80) for each of the “default services” selection but that didn’t appear to open the port according on external checks.

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