Print Trends from viewon



how can i make a button to print Trends from viewon or import Trends.

Thank you


Hi @Abdelaziz

Do you mean that you want to be able to save historical log graphs?


no, I want to print the graph by printer with a button on viewon


Here’s an example that makes a button that will print your trends:

  1. Add a button to your ViewON display. You can use the built-in button for this option.


  1. After you make your button, click on it and go to “Graph. properties” > “Id.” and copy the identifier for the button.

  1. Now, select the main canvas, do not select the button. Instead select the white canvas behind the button. If you do this, no items should show as selected in the canvas.

  2. Select ACTIONS -> New Action -> Javascript Sections -> Javascript Section


  1. Enter the following code and try it out

    $("#Your Button ID").mousedown(function()


its function well thank you