Problem with AC cloud connection

I have changed my wifi and tried to connect to new one. I am using the new method through the iOS app but it will not show the available wifi networks, and the error message “No AC Cloud device found” will show. The light is steady green and I am already connected to intesis device’s wifi. Any ideas?

If you have an older Intesis WiFi device (with MAC ID starting with 001D), then it only supports 802.11b which is in the 2.4GHz spectrum.

If you say the LED is steady green and you are connected to the Intesis WiFi AP with your phone, but it doesn’t show your network SSID in the AC Cloud app, then your WiFi router probably does not have 802.11b enabled. Go into the WiFi router settings and make sure you have a 2.4GHz network with 802.11b (aka legacy mode or compatibility mode) enabled.

Hello Kyle and thank you for your reply. I tried in several routers (even the old one I had) and still I get the same error. All the routers were set at 2.4Ghz and legacy mode enabled. When I power up the device after a reset (10 sec press on reset button), after a few blinks it goes to steady green light. I tried the plus (+) button in the AC Cloud app and scanned activation code / barcode, but it shows me “wrong barcode”, even manually gets it wrong.Then I tried over “settings”, the plus button at the top corner → wi-fi (make sure that I have GPS “always”) → Automatic → I get the “No AC Cloud device found” error. Any suggestions?

It sounds like maybe it’s your phone. Can you try to turn on compatibility mode in the WiFi settings on your phone? Or do you have an old phone you can use?

Please make sure that you’re following these instructions: