Problema de conexión ethernet/IP M40 a la computadora portátil

I have an m40 ethernet/ip module connected to a compressor, from which I want to process the data, the module is directly connected to my laptop via utp cable, when I ping everything fine, but when I try to enter the IP of the module, I have no response . I also tried to enter the ftp server but I don’t know the username and password. I’m new to this and have been reading the manuals. So some help would be great for me moving forward.


We sell the M40 for customers to embed the device into their devices. You will need to reach out to the compressor manufacturer for details on how the M40 is configured. They may have disabled the web interface and set a password to the web interface.

You can find details on the M40 modules by entering the article number into the quick find search on our support page. Anybus technical support | Anybus However, you will find the documentation is designed for Embedded developers.

Thank you very much for your answer.