Problems with EC350 Modem

Hi there

I want to see if u can help me. I have a Netbiter EC350 with the modem and uplink leds in red. We already verify the SIM card and its ok, i connected via usb to the netbiter and have the APN configuration its ok too.
There’s something more i can do to get it up?
I’m will attatch the logs from app/system/modem to see if u can see something.


The Netbiter EC350 only has a 3G modem and most carriers have updated their networks to work with 4G and 5G only, so you will probably need to update to the EC360.

Hello Kyle

But we have a few more netbiters with the same carrier and didnt have that problem :confused:

It depends on the location and the individual cell tower. If you have a lot of EC350s in the field, you should start upgrading them ASAP.