Profinet GSD generator tool fail

I have a module profinet M40. Profinet GSD generator find my module. Now compile each fields inside the program. Launch the generator, the progression bar start but the following message will be displayed: “Unexpected (empty) metadata received from the PROFINET communication device. Please make sure that the firmware of the communication device is up-to-date.” So what could i do ? Best regards. Alberto

Hi @alby,

I think you will have to record a message log in your host application to see how the application is responding to requests and figure out what is missing.

If you have more questions about this, I would recommend creating a case at to get in touch with the experts on this software.

Ok, but I’m using your GSD generator program. It doesn’t give me any logs…

Sorry, I’m not an expert on this software, which is why I would suggest opening a support case, but I believe you will have to capture logs from your host application, not the GSD generator. This will help you find whatever information or missing parameters are causing the error.

Did you make sure the firmware is up to date already?

GSD generator is last release and I have checked with profinet release C and D.

Thanks for the update.

Please create a case at so you can be put in touch with the software experts.