ProSoft NetTools and HMS Anybus NetTool GSD import bug


We have a customer issue with importing a GSD file into our version of NetTools and it seems to also be present in the current HMS version of Anybus NetTool.
Customer has a GSD file and it fails to import successfully into the tool. Seems that the issue stems from there being a semicolon in the Model_Name field of the GSD.

Images about our version are available on a previous ticket I submitted back in April '19.

Is this a legitimate bug? and can we get a patch for this? is the semicolon an acceptable character?


I am not aware of any issues importing GSD files can you share the GSD for me to look at?

According to the GSD specification for Profibus version 5.1 Section 3. Says if a semicolon is detected the rest of the line is a comment. Does the is the semicolon in the name or at the end or is there no actual name?


AUMA0C77.GSD (8.2 KB)

I attached the GSD file.
The semicolon is :
–Cut off–
GSD_Revision = 5
Vendor_Name = “AUMA Riester GmbH & Co. KG”
Model_Name = “SGM/SVM; SGC/SVC”
Revision = “1.0”
Ident_Number = 0x0C77
Protocol_Ident = 0
Station_Type = 0
FMS_Supp = 0
Hardware_Release = “Z045.957/01”
Software_Release = “Z047.541”

–rest of GSD file–

Hello @jcarrillo,

It looks like the semicolon is the issue. Once I deleted the semicolon I was able to import it without issue. Here is a copy of the file I was able to import.

AUMA0C77 (1).GSD (8.2 KB)


Hello Deryck,
I agree that the semicolon is the issue but is it common for a semicolon to be there? Or should the software accept the Model_Name string as it is (with the semicolon) since it is surrounded by quotation marks?

I want to know what is the correct format and whether it is a real issue.

Thank you

Hi @jcarrillo,
Here is the part of the profibus spec I referred to previously. image
It does not specify if a semicolon can be in the name but it seems safe to assume a semicolon is not a valid character for anything besides marking the end of a line.

I recommending reaching out to the company who wrote the GSD and ask for an updated GSD. It seems reasonable to assume that it is most likely a typo and removing it or replacing it with another character will resolve the issue.


I also checked the GSD itself with a GSD editor v from PNO Germany.
This tool did not flag the semicolon as an error which makes me think that the NetTools should be accepting the semicolon as a viable character within the quotation marks.

If i placed a semicolon before the string Model_Name = ; “SGM/SVM; SGC/SVC” then the editor throws a simple warning about the string being empty (which is expected).

I will contact the company and ask about that semicolon.

Also as a note, SIEMENS TIA portal does not complain about the semicolon being there. It might be accepting the character since it is within the quotation marks as I previously suggested.
TIA Portal _GSD File installation

I do not think this would be considered a bug. We might be following the specification more closely where any semicolon is ending a line. This might just be an argument on the spec interpretation.

If you are looking for a patch I would recommend submitting a case to This will allow us to further look into the issue and pass it up to the development team.


ok great.
thanks Deryck for all your help.